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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00
Pre-owned Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Chronographs, Military Watches, Chronometers traded

Truly classical, the Military / Aviator range is perfectly suitable for most vintage & modern military style watches. 


The heavy duty, high contrasting stitching complements the twin steel locking mechanism beautifully. The two screws are beautifully balanced, and are perfectly suitable for all military watches with fixed bars. The screw system is clean and easy to use and adds further safely. This basic mechanism is far superior to the current glue counterparts available for military watches.


Top quality genuine leather with matt low sheen finish. Comes fitted with a stainless steel buckle. 


Available in the two colours, in both 22 & 24mm. The Long & Short side approx measure 125 & 80mm.

Originally inspired by the motor industry and the racing glove look, this range provides a powerful look. 


The distinct padding and warm white stitching offers a supreme contrast that attracts great attention when combined with its large perforations. 


Excellent quality genuine leather watchstraps, with matt finish Stainless Steel Buckle


Available of 22mm only. The long & short side measure approx 110 & 75mm. 

An exceptionally new style of perforated leather watch straps, this range offers a high colour contrast suitable for a wide variety of sports watches. 

Excellent top quality genuine leather watch straps, with perforated top sides to show ultimate colour contrast.

This range is available in 20 & 22mm, convenient for a wide variety of watches with medium to thick cases. 

The long & short side measures approx 115mm & 75mm.  Conveniently tapered to provide the best comfort and security. 

Truly Classical. The alligator Grain Watch Straps are perfectly suitable for most Vintage & Modern Wristwatches. 

The heavy duty warm white stitching complements the alligator grain beautifully and offers a supreme contrast that attracts great attention. 

Excellent Top Quality Alligator Grain Genuine leather watch straps fitted with a stainless steel buckle

This range is available in 3 different colours & 2 sizes. Comes fitted with spring bars. Conveniently tapered to maximise best comfort & security. 

Contact us for any special requests you may have, or any additional info you may have regarding size & colour. Free spring bars provided with each strap. Price : £9.50 each including postage.

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