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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00
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Omega Movement Number range

Year Range

14m – 17m

1957 - 1960

17m – 20m

1961 – 1963

20m – 22m

1963 – 1965

22m – 26m

1966 - 1968

26m – 30m

1969 – 1970

30m – 35m

1971 – 1975

35m – 43m

1976 – 1980

43m – 47m

1981 – 1985

47m – 51m

1986 - 1990

Most of the Vintage Omega models  are dating by  their movement serial numbers, and  not by their cases.  In curtain  models, the inside  of the case back might  by date  stamped with  the last 2 numbers of the  year  (e.g. 67 = 1967) which can be used as a rough guide, although it is often advised to counter check this information with what the movement serial number is telling you.



This is because discrepancies are often observed between caseback dates and movement serial numbers with an accepted 1 year if not 2 years in some cases. The reason for this is simply, the production of most watch parts at the time was not done in accordance to set serial range, but rather what was produced but what was available, perhaps from a later or earlier batch.