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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00
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Here is a small selection of some of the fine Vintage Breitling models we currently have. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific requests, models or special year you might be looking for.

1960s Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Ref 809

Throughout the 1950s & 60s, there was a high demand for quality time keeping wristwatches for pilots & astronauts. Lauched in 1962, this model was designed specifically for the astronauts to aid them in distinguishing between 12 noon & Mid-day. The Cosmonaute model features a 24 hour alongside all the regular slide rule indicies that enable users to perform various complicated mathematical calculations such as gasoline consumprion, speed, distance travelled, etc.


This specific example has all of its original details still present. The dial, hands & insert all share a matching patina indicating they were all born with this watch. The solid stainless steel case is nice and sharp, free from any major dents, pits or corrosion. Movement winds and runs beautifully once would. Triple signed Dial, Case & Movement.



Price : SOLD

1940s Classic Vintage Breitling Chronomat

Ref 769 +217012

This model is were it all started for Breitling & the introduction of the slide rule. The very first reference to have incorporated the slide rule feature that was later used in the navitimer models. This addition was one of the most ingenious steps which posted Breitlings on a global scale and to this day pays dividends to the company.


All 100% original and unchanged to 1947. One of the best examples I have seen. The solid stainless steel case has been well looked after and the dial & hands all share the same patina indicating nothing has been changed from the day this watch was manufactured & released in 1947.




Price: SOLD

Vintage Breitling Unitime 24h Pilots

Chronograph Ref 1765

Here we have an early Vintage Breitling 1765 Unitime 24hr Pilots Chronograph wristwatch. Mint condition. This watch works perfect well as do all chronograph features, swiftly resetting back to zero exactly how they should.

The superb 100% original never touched dial is unique to this model. Larger than the Navitimer dial it offers better clarity and more space to increase the silver chronograph sub dials. The 30min chrono at 3oclock is wonderful. This is larger than the other 2 silver sub dials and has unique luminous arrow head chrono hand. Simply stunning design and very easy to read. Ideal for long haul, Trans/Atlantic pilots which was Breitlings intention. The broad luminous filled main hour and minuet hands are the best Breitling ever designed.....Read More

ICONIC Vintage Breitling Top Time Chronograph

Wristwatch c.1967

Inspired by the Motor Racing Industry, Breitling produced a number of unique chronographs throughout the late 60s, each one encapsulating a unique style or celebrating a specific event.


This is most probably the best Top time variation they made. The sub dials are equally balanced and the dial colours & texture resembles that of a dash board. Altogether a well designed attractive comfortable chronograph wristwatch. The solid stainless steel case is as clean as the dial. Free from any pits & dent & marks.




Price : SOLD

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Commissioned  by  the  Association  of Pilots & Aircrafts (AOPA),  Breitling  manufactured  and supplied  their Navitimer range  initially to  the  pilots. The  revolutionary  slide  rule on these watches allowed  them  to calculate a huge range of  various complicated calculations, making them extremely useful. These early  examples  are  the  most  desirable  and  collectable.


All  100%  original, this really is one of the finest examples I  have  had  the  pleasure  of  acquiring.  The  original  untouched  dial  has all of its original detail and is simply marvalious to look at.  The unpolished solid stainless  case has all of its  original sharp  finish. All of  the original  Caseback  engravings are  clearly readable. Free  from any major pits  & dents, this  watch  looks  marvellous on  the wrist  and  is  very  comfortable.



Price: SOLD

1962 Vintage Breitling Navitimer AOPA 

Cosmonaute Ref 809

1965 -  Vintage  Breitling  Navitimer  wristwatch, ref   806. Dated  to  1965  via  serial  number  101,xxxx  stamped on  the  inside  of  the  caseback.


Please  take  a  few  moments  to  view the  large  photos in  the  link  below. All 100% untouched  & original  to 1965.  Exceptional  condition.  One  of the best transtional AOPA models I have seen in  quite  some  time. This example is in super mint condition. The all important dial has very little wear or patina, as does the side rule insert. 



Triple signed Dial, Movement & Case.




Price: SOLD

1965 Vintage Breitling Navitimer AOPA,

Ref 806

1965 ICONIC Vintage Breitling SuperOcean Wristwatch

This is my all time favourite, c.1965 Vintage Breitling Superocean Chronograph Wristwatch. Super clean condition. The solid stainless steel case is mint in condition, with no dents, pits or corrosion. Thsi hands & insert all share the same slight patina, indicating they were all born with the watch in 1965 and not altered during any service undertaken during the history of this watch. Ref 2005





Triple signed, Dial, Movement & Case.




Price SOLD

Association Of Pilots & Aircrafts

1962 Classic Vintage Breitling 765 AVI


Ok Breitling collectors and watch admirers alike. Here we have rarity, beauty, function, history and quality manufacture all rolled into 1. Rare ALL black 765 AVI (Co Pilot). Made for Pilots both commercial and military. Sold alongside the Navitimer 806 AOPA these 765 AVI were the best engineered professional chronograph that Breitling made during 1950s and 60s. Due to its superior waterproof (when new) case and screw down case back. Also these early 765 AVI have click and lock turning bezel and were antimagnetic. The 765 AVI with this case was 1st launched a year before the 806 Navitimer in 1951. These 1st issue 765 AVI had a 15mn counter (window like a date) chronograph feature. The movement was still Venus 178 but Breitling replaced the 30min chronograph wheel with their own to make it 15min....Read More


Price : SOLD

Vintage Gents Breitling Co Pilots Chronograph

Wristwatch Ref 7652

with B&P

Dated to 1968 via serial number stamped on the outside of the case back = 1,2xx,xxx.

Ok, Breitling collectors and beautiful watch admirers alike. Here we have perfection. A very, very rare 100% all parts original 1968 7652 part of the 765 AVI or Co-pilot family. This reference is quite unique as its one of examples in the Co-pilot family to be cased in a large 20ATM case, just like how some of the Navitimer references were e.g. 1806, 816 etc.

This dial design was only used in the 765 family and it also came with red and blue index bezel design for the Yachtmaster in several case examples. Please do take a few moments to view the large photos below.....Read More


Price: SOLD